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Emergency Services Newsletter January/February 2008
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Recent Winter Storms
CERT Starts Feb. 12
Winter Preparedness
Get Ready!
Instructors Needed
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First Storm 2008! 
Flooding on Pt. San Pedro
We welcomed the New Year with a series of storms that brought heavy rains, hurricane force winds, and severe power outages. To learn more about how San Rafael responded to these events click here or go to the following link:

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CERT Classes
Feb 12
Are you prepared to take care of yourself or your neighborhood if a disaster strikes? Formerly known as DART, San Rafael's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), training educates people about disaster preparedness and the need to take care of themselves and their neighborhood at the time of a disaster. CERT is about readiness, people helping people, rescuer safety, and doing the greatest good for the greatest number.

Over the course of 7 weekly meetings you will learn how to manage utilities and put out small fires; treat the three killers by opening airways, controlling bleeding, and treating for shock; provide basic medical aid; search for and rescue victims safely; and organize yourself and spontaneous volunteers to be effective.

Come learn many basic skills that are important to know when a disaster strikes! The winter session of CERT starts next month and occurs each Tuesday, from 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m., February 12 through March 25. For additional information or to register for the class call 458-5002 or email  Registration closes Tuesday, February 5.

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Dear Resident,
The City of San Rafael is committed to the protection and preparedness of its residents and has a long tradition of energetic and passionate community members engaged in emergency preparedness. We all know we live in an area susceptible to a variety of hazards and as we have seen with our recent storms, we know that the mildest of events can have significant impacts on our daily lives. It is only through our combined efforts can we resolve to better prepare ourselves and our greater shared community.
Recognizing that information sharing and communications are critical elements of an effective emergency preparedness and response program, we are committed to providing you the most relevant and timely information possible. This newsletter will be used to provide you general emergency preparedness information and topics of interest as they relate to San Rafael's emergency preparedness program, as well as event driven communications as we saw in our recent storms.
Our aim is to keep you involved and we are hopeful that you will find the newsletter informative and relevant. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to others you may think are interested by clicking the forward email link at the bottom of this newsletter.  
Steven E. Hancock
Emergency Services Manager
San Rafael Office of Emergency Services
Winter Weather Preparedness 
There's a bite to the air in the mornings, and even on a bright, blue sky day, it is clear that winter has arrived in Marin. We also know living here that the rains and high winds arrive quickly. Inclement weather brings with it a host of situations that we can all be properly prepared for with a little advance planning and preparations. Check out our Winter Weather Preparedness Handout for tips on preparing for floods, filling and placing sandbags in advance of storms, and other helpful information for being better prepared for the winter weather.
Get Ready Cover NewsletterGetting Ready in San Rafael
You've seen the signs but are you ready? Recently launched countywide, "Get Ready" is a free two-hour home and family disaster preparedness class for San Rafael residents. In two hours you will learn about; the hazards you should prepare for in San Rafael, ways to reduce the risk of loss and injury before disaster, how to create a family disaster plan, what you should include in your personal and family disaster supplies, and ways to become more disaster prepared.
Our next Get Ready training is scheduled for:
      January 26, 2008, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

      3 North San Pedro Road, San Rafael


Call 458-5002 to reserve your spot or email Additional Get Ready training sessions will be scheduled for February and March. Be sure to check back on our Community Emergency Preparedness Training Calendar regularly.

Get Ready: Taking It To The Streets

Are you interested in becoming a Get Ready instructor and taking the disaster preparedness message out to your neighborhood? Contact us at to sign up for the next train-the-trainer class. One of the great things about the Get Ready training classes is that they're often presented by fellow community members. It's an opportunity to share the knowledge, train people to become prepared and getting to know your neighbors! Help us help the community get trained and increase the Get Ready count of San Rafael residents trained.

Call For Articles 

This newsletter is designed to communicate and inform the community that we live in with current and useful information about emergency services and preparedness. Is there a topic you'd like to read about? A useful tip you'd like to share with our community? Are you interested in possibly contributing to this newsletter or writing an article yourself? We welcome your ideas and input. Please contact Angela at (415) 458-5002 or email

Top 10 
Top 10 In 10
Do you have your Top 10 list ready? No, we're not talking about for the Letterman show! What are the Top 10 items you would grab if you had only 10 minutes to evacuate your home during a disaster? Do you have your passport, medical information, and insurance policies ready? How about important credit card numbers, social security numbers, or school documents? A change of clothes, your disaster preparedness backpack and some cash? What would you grab if you had only 10 minutes to evacuate your home? Create your list today, make copies of important documents, and know the items you would grab-and-go with if you only had 10 minutes.
E-Tip: Help Shorten Response Time to Your Home

Display easy-to-read house numbers on your home and paint reflective street numbers on your curb to assist firefighters and police officers responding during an emergency. If you park on the street you may wish to park just a few feet away from the actual number in order not to block your address. The easier it is to locate your home, the faster you will receive assistance.

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